About Us

About Us

Pole Walking Australia is the Australian Health Professionals’ first choice provider for training, products and service for the Urban Poling form of Nordic walking.

We are proud to be associated with Urban Poling, a company that is Canada’s largest education center & distributor of Urban Poles.


With a vision to increase peoples quality of life through improving mobility, we provide of all models of Urban and Activator poles and accessories, training and support for Urban Polers. We strongly believe in the power of pole walking communities, and love to connect Urban Pole walkers and trainers with like minded people,  whether they be serious walking groups for fitness addicts, fun walk and talk sessions or exercise groups for wellness. For health professionals, we also provide high quality training courses on the use of the poles for clients with mobility needs.

About Urban Poling

Urban Poling is an evidence based form of Nordic Walking using specially designed poles and walking technique. This results in a low impact workout that activates the core and postural muscles, increases fitness, and utilizes 90 % of both upper and lower body muscles.


It is great for those who want to incorporate more exercise into their lives, improve their posture, strength and balance, recover from surgery, or just want to have fun. It is social, versatile and affordable and is done in the Australian great outdoors. What more could you want!


Unique to Urban Poling is that it is used not only as a fitness activity, but also in many different rehabilitation settings by Allied Health professionals. This is because of its specially designed Activator poles, which are more stable than other Nordic poles and use an slightly different, easier walking technique. Areas in which therapists are currently using Urban and Activator poles include hip and knee replacements, spinal injuries and surgery, older adults, cancer care, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke rehabilitation.

You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent.