Choosing Poles

The different pole models have been developed with different uses in mind so it is important that you chose the right pole for your needs. The following gives a guide to choosing poles. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fitness and activity

Looking for a more intense workout over regular walking?

Choose between: Series 300, 4Life or the 3-sectional poles for travel, Adventure model.

Our Urban fitness poles are used as a fitness activity, so, instead of a normal walk, take your poles and burn more calories, tone your core and at the same time take pressure off your lower joints. Versatile enough for for hiking and bush walking also.

Urban Poling Set-up and Walking Instructions

Read through the Urban Poling Educational Training Guides

Rehabilitation and function

Activator poles are more stable and are designed for balance and taking more pressure off your back and lower joints. These can be used as a replacement for crutches, walking sticks and sometimes walkers. For use indoors as well as outdoors in all seasons. There is now a 3-sectional Activator pole also for very tall people or for frequent travelers.

Suitable for:

  • Post hip & knee replacement surgery
  • Chronic conditions that affect your balance or grip strength
  • Older adults

Activator Set-up and Walking Instructions

Read through the Urban Poling Activator Poles Training Guides