On-Line Urban Poling & Activator Course

Welcome to our On-Line Urban Poling and Activator course for Allied Health Professionals. This very popular course was developed by Mandy Shintani for Health Professionals in Canada. This course uses the original course materials with some adaptations to suit the Australian healthcare, clinical and outdoor environment for those who would like to delve into the wonderful world of walking and exercising with Urban and Activator poles.

In this series of webinars, you will get our combo Urban Poling and Activator course plus heaps of extras. You should by now have received your Starter Bundle, which consists of a set of Activator Poles and conversion boot tips. If you haven’t, please contact us before going further.


The videos below consist of:

Module #1 – Essential Videos:

Please watch all of these, in order, and with your poles handy. Note that video #4 (Other Conditions) is best watched after you have watched your Module #2 videos.


After you have watched Module #1, we suggest you take a break and spend a few sessions practicing both techniques. then move on to…

Module #2 – Primary Conditions:

These are designed to be specific to your particular practice and interests. Feel free to watch as many as you like as long as you complete a minimum of 3.


When you have completed your videos, we will send you our Extras Bundle consisting of Urban Poling walking demonstrations, stretches, and exercises. You will also get access to our Therapist Resources Folder, with various templates, flyers and research information.

Following the videos,  we will be in touch to arrange your personal one-on-one Tutorial Session when you can practice your technique with guidance and clear up any questions. We hope that you enjoy you journey with poles and we will be in touch soon.

Online Course Videos

Module 1

Module 2